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πŸ”΄ Argox OS-214plus Thermal Printer Repair – No.870

I repair a Argox OS-214 Plus Thermal Printer which suddenly developed a feed problem.

The Argox thermal printer started making a lot of noise and was running backwards, feeding the labels back into the unit instead of out of it.

I dismantle and clean the Argox OS-214plus printer, and track down the problem with the Argox printer being noisy and running backwards.

I replace the Argox motor which is an EPOCH T4222R07 stepper motor.

I then dismantle and investigate the cause of the stepper motor failure and show what is inside a stepper motor.

You can find Argox OS-214 Plus replacement parts here: https://defs.link/?u=8e6392f

0:00 – Intro.
1:26 – Opening the Argox OS-214plus printer.
2:44 – Removing a jammed label from the Argox OS-214 Plus.
3:00 – Trying to find the cause of the Argox printer fault.
4:35 – Removing the print assembly from the Argox OS-214plus.
5:23 – Cleaning the Argox OS-214plus.
6:45 – The Argox OS-214 feed fault.
7:36 – Testing the Argox printer.
9:14 – Argox printer going backwards.
10:00 – Checking the printer electronics for problems.
16:10 – Retesting the Argox OS-214 Plus.
16:39 – Argox OS-214plus motor fault.
18:07 – I found a replacement motor for the Argox OS-214 Plus !
19:00 – Replacing the Argox stepper motor.
21:56 – Finding out what was wrong with the stepper motor.
27:22 – Testing the Argox OS-214plus after replacing the motor.
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