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πŸ”΄ ProsKit SS-331 Desoldering Station Review – No.847

I review the ProsKit SS-331 Desoldering Station from Banggood.

Pro’skit SS-331 Desoldering Station (discount code BGe30bd2): https://defs.link/?u=7d097ee

Banggood Summer Prime Sale: June, 28th to July, 10th
Saving Tips: https://bit.ly/3zOMcPb
Saver Deposit Sale: https://bit.ly/3zOMcPb
Hot Seller Ranking: https://bit.ly/3vYNBQ4

0:00 – Intro.
0:24 – Unboxing the Pro’skit SS-331 Desoldering Station.
1:33 – Close look at the manual.
5:18 – Assembling the iron stand.
6:39 – Connecting the hand piece.
7:00 – First power up.
8:30 – Checking temperature.
9:06 – Desoldering an IC.
12:27 – Checking min/max temperature settings.
13:12 – Look at the rear panel and fusing.
13.32 – Opening the SS-331 and looking inside.
20:01 – Checking Earthing of the iron tip.
21:05 – Modifications to improve the SS-331.
23:52 – Summary.
24:43 – Patreon Supporters: https://defs.link/?u=fcb3a1

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